We were off bright and early today for the Whack N' Hack. It was a special day for Indian Creek Men's Club because it was officially our 50th anniversary. Jan and Jim were gracious enough to provide us cake to celebrate and ball markers (ball markers got delayed but will be available next tournament). Thank you to all members past and present who've help make our club a great place to play golf and enjoy each other's company!

The team of Chris Beckham, Jeff Brunton, Bill Danaher, and Matt Keefe won 1st place today with -21 two ball score. Their team was helped by an outstanding round by Jeff Brunton who shot a net -10 under, far and away the lowest score of the day. He also signed up for the 2-man qualifier. His partner in that will be Rick Walker. They'll play a round at a local course for a chance to represent our club in Monterey!

The team of Raj Raghunath, Mike Hamilton, Joe Quinn, and Matt Quinn ham and egged their way to second place with -16 two ball score. The team was helped by a strong front 9 from Mike and a solid back 9 by Joe to help earn this prize.

Our next tournament is April 27 and it's our annual Spring Trophy tournament. Top 2 places in each flight will win a trophy. It's back to tee times for next time with the first one at 7:00.

I want to welcome two new members who played today with us. Ken Dent, a friend of Rich Perry's, played as a guest last week and then joined our club and then played today. Welcome Ken! Thanks for being a member.

Our club also gained a 3rd Carmichael. Travis Carmichael, younger brother of Chris and Sean, has played as a guest a few times and decided to sign up today. He shot an excellent 73 and has played solid golf in previous tournaments. Welcome Travis! Thank you for being a member.

Silverado sign-up sheet has been updated. Still some time to sign up. I believe you will pay at the course unlike the last couple years at Yoche DeHe. If you have to cancel, please let me know. If you no show, my credit card gets charged. If that happens, I will hire a couple of tough guys who like to break ankles...All right, I won't really do that but I really don't want to get charged for a no show. LIke I said, just let me know if you have to back out. Thanks.

I'll see everyone in a couple weeks. Enjoy the Spring weather and have a happy Easter!


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