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9/19/2021- It appears to be a two horse race for the Club Champion title between Ramon Fonseca and Brian Wohlford. Ramon is up by a single stroke so it should be an exciting finish! Six time champ Todd Weatherly and steady Mike Carruth round out the top 4. 

For low net, Curt Eby has a comfortable five shot lead over Gary Gehrts, though Steve Van Norman, Dennis Cordoba, and Mike Carruth remain in shouting distance. Good luck next week! 

Please check the standings and make sure I didn't add a stroke or two to your score. We will award eight trophies this tournament. A low gross, low net, and top two places in each flight so show up next week, play well and you might win a nice shiny toy that you wife will hide in the garage after a couple months. Text or email me if you want in. If you missed a round, you can still play next week if you want. I won't charge the $3 for flights since you wouldn't be eligible for a trophy. You can still do all the games. 

I've asked to do a men's club meeting for October 23. It hasn't been formally approved but if it is, that day would be a shotgun start. The main reason is we need to elect officers and ask if some members would participate in a committee like audit, rules, trophies. Don't worry, I'm staying on as tournament chairman (unless anyone objects? ...Anyone?... No?). A description of each committee is in our by laws so please take a look and give it some thought. It takes more than a couple people to run the club so we would appreciate any help. 

Last thing: Let's remember etiquette. I know golf is very frustrating at times and I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to losing my cool. But we've had some instances of yelling, throwing clubs, and other tantrums. It needs to stop. This isn't everyone and like I said, you can cite me for past violations, but it doesn't do any good. Keep calm and golf on, like I'm sure some shirt says out there in a hipster store. 

See you Saturday and good luck!


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