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We had 20 players walk throughout  Indian Creek while hitting a little white ball. Larry Goodwin had the most success with this activity as he shot an impressive 69 in the wet conditions. For the second week in a row, he was our low net shooter with a net 57. Great round Larry!

Because of the lighter turnout, I changed the format to Medal Play and moved the Nassau format to later in the year. We also only had 1 hole with closest to the pin and I awarded winnings to the players with the five lowest net scores overall. Larry earned 1st place. Ed Kopfle and Jeff Brunton carded net 61 to share 2nd place. Rounding out our top five were Jerry Fallon and Rich Perry who scored net 62. Congratulations gentlemen!

Our next tournament takes place on groundhog day, February 2. It's the Chicago System aka Quota. For those not familiar and for a refresher, it's a points based tournament. Points are awarded as follows:

8 points for an eagle, 4 points for a birdie, 2 points for a par, 1 point for a bogey, and 0 points for double bogey or worse. 

To determine your quota, you subtract your handicap from the maximum possible handicap. Example: My handicap is a 14 so my quota is 39 - 14 = 25. So my quota is 25. The winners of each flight are the players furthest over their quota. Should no one in their flight reach their quota, the player closest to meeting their quota wins. I'll award top three places per flight as usual. 

Regarding the net birdie challenge, I learned today that the scorecards were incorrect. The women's handicap was on top and the men's on bottom. So, I have to redo the grid so disregard the results of the net birdie challenge today. It will be corrected for next tournament. 

See you in two weeks. Hope we get some rain but it stops a few days prior to our next tournament so we can see more of our members out there. 


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