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   Gary Gehrts
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  Jay Elf
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   Rick Walker
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   Matt Quinn
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NCGA Handicap Chairman:
  Andy Clark
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Our club championship is upon us! It begins on September 13 and will continue over three consecutive Saturdays and end on September 27. In order to be eligible to win the club championship or other trophies, you MUST have played in at least 8 mens club tournaments since August 2013 and you must be able to play in all three rounds. I still encourage you to come out and play even if you miss a round. You can still win closest to the pins, putts, and skins.

For the club championship, the ball will be played as lies (you cannot move the ball 8 inches or improve your lie). There is one exception: if you are putting a ball on the green and crabgrass or an area of dead grass interferes with your line of putt, you may move the ball NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE enough so that your putt line is not affected.

Also, in rounds 2 and 3, you will be placed in groups depending on your standings in your flight.

Lastly, please double check your scorecards at the end of each round. There should be 3 players checking that card, the one who kept the score and the two men on the card. There's no problem if there is a calculation error. I always correct those and won't punish the player. However, if a hole score is omitted or scores improperly recorded (For example, I saw a couple 3s with 2 putts on Hole #5- I know no one in this club can drive the 5th green), I won't be calling you for the correct score. The card will be thrown out and the player disqualified. I've had to do that in the past and it's really no fun at all. So please, to be fair to yourself and everyone else, double check the cards.

I forgot to mention at the mens club meeting today that the Carson City trip that's set up by Roy Harrison and Don Fisher should occur in mid-July 2015. More information will come later on.

Lastly, I want to congratulate two of our new members on some additions to their family. Brett Wendell's wife gave birth to healthy baby girl a couple weeks ago. Her name is Brooklynn and it sounds like mom and baby are doing well. Harvey Adams welcomed a new granddaughter approximately one month ago (I apologize, I don't recall her name). Mom and granddaughter are also doing well. Congratulations to Brett and Harvey!

Thanks. See you in two weeks!