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7/8/19- The results were corrected. I missed a couple of skins won by Rick Walker. The results has been updated to reflect this change. Guess I was pretty tired when I worked on this last night. 

We had a very strong turnout yesterday for the annual Red, White, and Blue tournament. We had several net scores in the fifties, as you would expect for a format in which you play from the red tees on six holes. The man who went the lowest was Matt Keefe with a net 51 to score first place in the third flight. He beat out Dale Davis who had a terrific 52 and Rod Masters who had an exceptional 53. Dave Talbot, Cliff Eby, and Doug Beckham didn't place but deserve atta boys for going under 60. 

In the first flight, Chris Graham edged out Todd Weatherly and Larry Goodwin by a single stroke as Chris shot a 57. Jack Jessen won first place in the second flight by the same way, shooting a 57 to edge out Steve Van Norman and Tom Wise. Congratulations to all the winners yesterday!

Our next tournament will take place on July 20 and it's the blind partners, meaning you'll play your own game and after the round is over, your score will be combined with another player. Lowest net score wins. Sign up sheet is in the clubhouse but you can always e-mail me or text me if you want to play. I will actually get to finally play in a tournament as I have no more appendix that needs removing and no softball tournament that day (my daughter's team won 1st place today by the way. They even gave me a little medal like the kids. I'll frame it).

I also want to welcome back John Ochsner, who rejoined our club after a six month hiatus. Welcome back, John! Thanks for coming back!

See everyone July 20th!


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