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We had a bit a frosty morning today. So frosty that we had an hour and a half delay. Still 21 players stuck it out to play in the modified pinehurst (essentially alternate shot). We had a two team tie for first. The father/son duo of Curt and Cliff Eby shared 1st with the team of Ramon Fonseca and John Spignola. Both groups shot a 58 to earn a nice pay day. The team of Steve Van Norman and Tom Kuzmich shot one stroke behind at 59. Another father/son duo of Richard and Carl Lewis finished a half shot behind for fourth place.

How did they get a half shot behind, you may ask. The method I used to determine final score was taken a average of the two players handicaps. Curt and Cliff had a combined 42 handicap between them for an average of 21 where as Richard and Carl had a combined handicap of 27 for an average of 13.5.

Most players picked up their trophies today but there are a few remaining. They'll stay in our room until next tournament. The next tournament is Modified Stableford and will take place on December 5th with (hopefully) a 7:30 start time. That's a points based tournament. I'll have to look up how the scoring works. 

Keep in mind we will go back to back in December with our final 2020 (good riddance) tournament taking place December 12. Normally, that's the bottle tournament but this year it will be the gift card to a booze shop tournament. We can't have big gatherings right now so the selecting your bottle is out after the tournament. I'll pick up gift cards total wine or bevmo to pass out to winners at the first January tournament. Best I can think of under the circumstances. If anyone else has a suggestion, I'm open to hearing it. 

I hope everyone has a enjoyable and happy Thanksgiving week. I hope everyone can find some time to spend with families in any way you can. I'll see you all on December 5th. 


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