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1/3/2021- We had a great turnout to start to 2021 year. I would like to welcome three new members who've joined us in 2021 and participated yesterday. James Venegas actually joined our club in October and has participated in several tournaments but since it's officially 2021, he deserves an official welcome from the club. Welcome James! Jason Powers joined us for the bottle tournament and then joined the club and played yesterday. Welcome Jason! Lastly, Andy McDowell also joined us in October but has not received an official welcome until now. Welcome Andy! Thank you to James, Jason, and Andy for joining our club in 2021.

As far as yesterday goes, breaking net par was extremely difficulty. So difficult in fact that only one person did and that was Brian Rasler who scored a net 62 to win flight 1. His gross score of 71 was also the lowest score of the day. This score was matched by Mike Carruth whose fine day earned second place. Eric Thatcher scored 3rd place with a net 67. 

In the second flight, Jeff Brunton was the winner with a 1 over 65. Curt Eby and John Guarin earned 2nd and 3rd places respectively. In the 3rd flight, Brian Evers and Greg Rose had fine days and shared the top spot with a 1 over 65. In a disturbing sign that 2021 may not be better than 2020, John Corbitt won 3rd place. 

We had a close call on for a hole in one. Richard Lewis landed 10 inches away on Hole 6 and nearly took home the ever growing prize. 

The results for each birdie challenge is posted to the right. Please check it over if you participated and let me know if I missed one. It might be hard to read, but next to the hole numbers in parentheses is the handicap of the hole. 

Our next tournament takes place January 16 with tee times starting at 7:30. It's called Chicago System also known as quota system. For newer members, the tournament works like this. 

You start 40 points and subtract your course handicap. You are then trying to reach or get closest to your quota. Example: My handicap is 8 so I'm trying to score 32 points. Points are scored as follows: 8 points for eagle, 4 points for birdie, 2 points for par, and 1 point for bogey. Any score ranging from double bogey to quitting the game forever is 0 points. The most points over your quota will win. If no one reaches the quota, then who ever is closest wins. Prizes will be awarded by flights and I'll pay out three places. Other than that, regular game so skins, putts, pins will be played. 

I have the sign up sheet at home. If you wish to play, let me know via email or text. Have a good two weeks off. 


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