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​We had a fairly light turnout yesterday for the Chicago System tournament. However, several players had some outstanding rounds. Paul Burkhead and Cesar Lopez rode their three birdies a piece to share first place in the first flight. Steve Van Norman was our low net round of the day, going 7 under. He also earned enough points to claim first place in the second flight. We had a three way tie for first place in the third flight between Tony Fabian, Ken Nash, and Greg Rose. Congratulations guys!

​I want to welcome new member Garry Dovenberg. He joined our club this week and played in his first tournament yesterday. Thank you Garry for joining us and playing. I hope you keep coming out for many more tournaments. 

Our next tournament is May 25. I called it House of Cards. You will be part of a four man team and two net scores will be taken. Each player will be assigned a suit from a standard deck of cards (Diamonds, Clubs, Spades, and Hearts) The catch in this one is on the next tee there will a card from a standard deck of playing cards. You'll flip that card over and whatever suit that card shows, you will have to take the player who was assigned that suit's score. If a joker is showing, then you can take the two best scores. It'll be a lot of fun...and fear. Tee times will start at 7:00. I'll have cards prepared for this tournament with putts kept on a separate card. 

​See you all May 25!


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