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   Gary Gehrts
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Vice President:
  Jay Elf
  Ph: 916-257-3850
   Rick Walker
   Ph: 916-698-0214

  Tournament Chairman:
   Matt Quinn
   Ph: 916-778-8543
NCGA Handicap Chairman:
  Andy Clark
  Ph: 916-987-1709


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Jay Elf widened his lead to four strokes over Larry Goodwin, who is currently in 2nd place. Todd Weatherly and Brett Wendell will round out the final foursome next week. They will be looking to knock the defending champ off his pedestal.

In the low net championship, Carl Lewis maintained his lead but will have to fend off the charging Rick Walker and Rod Masters who both shot 5 under their handicap today.

Rick and Carl lead their respective flights (1st and 2nd). Our 3rd flight will come down to the wire as both Ken Nash and Greg Rose are co-leaders. Joe Quinn, Paul Emery, and Ron Reynolds all had nice rounds and they will be attempting to track Ken and Greg down to claim a trophy.

There were a couple of questions today regarding a lateral hazard and sand traps. On Hole #2, the dried out creek that runs in front of the pump house is the hazard. Beyond that area (the grassy area around the house and below the fence that separates Hole #2 from the 3rd tee) is not part of the hazard. As you know, you cannot ground your club in a hazard but you can outside the hazard. The creek wasn't properly marked with red stakes on both sides and that lead to confusion today. I will correct that for next week. Again, only the creek is the hazard on Hole #2.

Also, if you are in a sand trap, you cannot test out the sand by touching it, smoothing it with your foot, or using a club, rake, or other devices. That is a penalty. You can fairly stance your stance (not ground your feet in) and only strike the sand when making a swing at the ball.

I look forward to a great finish to our Club Championship next September 27. See you all then!