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  Andy Clark
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There were some great scores today in the tune-up for the Club Championship. Larry Goodwin and Todd Weatherly both shot a 1 over 65, Andy Clark a 2 over 66, Chris Carmichael a 3 over 67 and Rick Walker with a 5 over 69. Great job guys! We also had a couple guys in the second flight go four below their handicap in Harvey Adams and David Bridgeford. Chris Carmichael had the shot of the day landing 1 foot away on Hole 18. We had a great turnout, 42 players, and I want to welcome new member Keith Corsi to our club.

Now for the Club Championship. I went over the details today at the mens club meeting but for those not able to attend, here's the information:

The championship will take place over 3 consecutive Saturdays (9/12, 9/19, 9/26). In order to win the Club Championship and any trophies, you MUST participate in all three rounds. However, if you can't, we will still play closest to the pin, fewest putts, and skins but no flight prizes are awarded. Also, you must have played in a minimum of 8 mens club events in the last 12 months to be eligible for the Club Championship.

The two critical elements you need to know is the ball will be played AS IT LIES. There will be no 8-inch bump during these three rounds.
However, on the greens, should a patch of crabgrass or a dead spot interfere with either your putt swing or line of the putt, you may move the ball NO CLOSER TO THE HOLE to a point where the irregular condition no longer affects your putt. Before you move the ball on the green, please confer with your playing partners to avoid any controversy. This rule is only allowable if your ball in on the green, not the fringe.

Lastly, in Round 1, you will play with your usual group. However, in Rounds 2 and 3, you will be placed with other members of your flight based on your standings.

Sign up for Round 1 is in the clubhouse but you can email me if you want to play. Tee times will start at 7:00.

Also, we had a discussion on a couple of local rules today.

#1 OUT OF BOUNDS ON HOLE #9: There are now two white stakes representing OB on #9. One is at the end of the net, the other up against the fence between the putting green and the #1 hole teeing ground. Any ball that comes to rest TO THE RIGHT of the imaginary line between the white stakes is OB, even if it's on grass. TO THE LEFT of the line, the ball is in play.

#2 NETTING on HOLE #5: If you pull a shot TO THE LEFT of the net as you approach the #5 green, you have the option of either taking a free drop between the rocks or you may try to play a shot over, under, or through the net. However, once you commit to try to hit over or under the net, you may NOT take free relief.

#3 NETTING on HOLE #5: Different scenario. The netting at the bottom is in tatters and there have been instances where a player landed a ball to the right on the net and it skipped under to the other side. In this case, the player may bring the ball back to where it went under the net and take swing and stance relief. The reason is if the net wasn't damaged, it would stop the ball from going under.

Hopefully all this makes sense. Our rules committee plans on developing a list of the local rules to give to members and to add the website in the near future which should help all of us.

See you all in two weeks. Best of the luck in the Club Championship!