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We were finally able to get in our last tournament of 2016 today and it was great turnout on this New Years Eve. As we gave out the prizes at the conclusion of the tournament, the only prizes posted are from the optional skins game. However, since it is the end of the year, here are some unofficial awards to these gentleman.

Most Birdies- Chris Carmichael scored 42 birdies this year, running away from Mike Carruth (27 birdies) and Matt Quinn (26 birdies).

Birdie Challenge- Chris Carmichael, no surprise, won the birdie challenge. Only Hole 3 and Hole 14 eluded his deadly putter.

Putting Champion- Rich Elwell averaged 28.38 putts per round in 13 tournaments played this year. No other player averaged under 30 putts.

Good Student Award- Sean Carmichael and Rick Walker participated in 24 out of 25 tournaments played this year. 

Sandbagger of the Year Award- Eric Thatcher shot at or below his handicap 14 times this year. Chris Carmichael and Rick Walker came close to taking this coveted award as they both shot their handicap 13 times. Good job guys!

Champions of the Day Award- Chris Carmichael shot the lowest net round 4 times this year. Larry Goodwin came close, shooting the lowest net round 3 times. 

The complete stats will be added in a couple days to the website. Thank you to all who joined our club in 2016 and participated in our tournaments. I hope you had a great time! For those coming back in 2017, thank you! I'm looking forward to another great year! I'm looking forward to some new members joining our ranks as well. 

For those leaving our club, it's been a privilege having your company in our tournaments and I wish you all the best. I hope to see you out at Indian Creek again soon!

We have a quick turn around to next tournament. It will take place on January 7th and it's Medal Play. Tee times will start at 7:30. As you know, frost delays are common this time of year. I'll keep you as up to date as I can on the weather and frost but I often don't know until the morning of the tournament. Hopefully we'll have as nice a day next week as we did today!

Also, with the new year, I will be starting 2 birdies challenges. The first will be the one we did this year. I'll be changing the prizes though. Here's how it will work:

If a person is able to birdie all 18 holes first, he will win the entire pot.
If no player is able to birdie all 18 holes, I will award 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes to those who are furthest along in the challenge. It's $20 to enter.

We will also do a net birdie challenge. This will be $10 to enter and I will award a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards in this as well. The first player to complete the challenge will get 50% of the pot, 2nd player will get 30% and 3rd player gets 20%. I think it should be pretty fun but it's completely optional to join either one. 

See you next week!


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