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   Gary Gehrts
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  Jay Elf
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   Rick Walker
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   Matt Quinn
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  Andy Clark
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We had another great turnout yesterday with 46 players participating in the 6/6/6 tournament. I hope everyone enjoyed the format and it wasn't too confusing. It looks like everyone kept score correctly. We had a three-way tie for first with new member Chris Graham/Mike Carruth, Warren Rickard/Rick Walker, and Sean and Chris Carmichael all scoring a 59. Leroy Rogers/Rich Elwell, Todd Weatherly/Jeff Henning, and Gary Gehrts/Steven Van Norman all shared fourth place with a 60. Congratulations guys!

I want to welcome back some old friends, Jeff Brunton and Chris Beckham. They rejoined our club yesterday after being away for six years. Rocky Morrissey is a new member who joined us yesterday for the first time. Welcome Jeff, Chris, and Rocky! Thanks for joining our club!

Our next tournament is regular medal play and it takes place on December 5th (I incorrectly put the 3rd on the sign-up sheet). Tee times starting at 7:30 (barring frost) The final tournament of 2015 will take place the following Saturday, December 12 which is our annual bottle tournament and that will be a shotgun start.

Our last two tournaments have had great turnouts which we love! With that, it does make scheduling tee times and groupings more difficult for me. To make it easier, if you let me know that you are playing (either by putting your name on the sign-up sheet or by email) by the Wednesday night before the tournament, I will honor your tee time requests and preferred playing partners. I set the tee times Thursday morning. After that, if you want to play, you can play but I won't be able to honor tee time or partner requests. I'll put you in a spot that's available, which may mean the last tee time. It causes too much confusion for me and members when I have shift times and players around once I set the schedule. I appreciate your support on this. If we get shotgun starts, it's quite a bit easier for me to shift. It's very difficult with tee times.

Lastly, I received a suggestion from a couple players to shift the groups around because they haven't met or had a chance to play with some members of the club. I think it's a great idea! So, every so often, I'll randomly select the groups by drawing names out of a hat. I'll let you know when I'm doing that prior to the tournament. I am going to do that for the Holiday Bottle tournament on December 12.

See you all in two weeks! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


P.S. Get your applications in for 2016 by December 21st for the renewal rate of $70. (Click here for application)