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3/19/23- We finally had an honest to goodness nice day weather wise for golf yesterday and the turn out reflected it! We had 45 players including a couple of new members, Josh Rozok and Brian Dole. Welcome Josh and Brian and thanks for joining our club! An extra shout out to Brian who could be a real contender in the club championship. He shot a 70 with 4 birdies yesterday! 

Matt Quinn took home top prize in the first flight with a 3 under 61. The trio of guys with the last name that start with W shared second place. That would be Rick Walker, Todd Weatherly, and Brian Wohlford who all shot net 65, or in Brian's case an actual 65. These four players are also the front runners to qualify for the Zone Championship at Poppy Hills in about six weeks but there still is a second round to go.

(FYI: In order to save my limited amount of sanity, I and only I will verify with you if you wish to go to Monterey this year should you qualify. If you tell me you decline, that decision is final and the alternate will be determined by how players finished over the two rounds. So if a top 4 player declines, the player who finished fifth will have the option. Tie breakers will be determined by your back 9 net score on the second round. Sorry if this comes off as short but last year stressed me out)

The second flight top dog was Steve Suthers who scored a 2 under 62. Tom Wise net even par was the second place winner with Kyle Thomas rounding out the top three with a 66. Brian Coyne won the third flight with a 3 under 61. Pete Thomas took second with a 65 while Garry Dovenberg, Paul Emery, and Lance Reginato all shared the pot for third place with a 66. 

Our next tournament will take place on April Fools Day (April 1). It is the Lone Ranger tournament so everyone will have a chance to feel like a fool. The format is you are part of a four man team and you will take two net scores. One score will be your best net score of the group. The other score will be a designated player in your group so the pressure will be on that player to shoot a good score or risk the wrath of his team! I'll have cards prepared for you with the handicaps, pops, and the "Lone Ranger" for each hole. This tournament honors the memory of Bill Eaton. He hated this tournament with a white hot rage and was not at all shy about telling me his feelings. I miss that man.

Lastly, a couple of local rules for you. As you probably noticed, there was a significant amount of fallen trees on the seventh green. I'm not sure when they'll get cleaned up but for now, if your ball goes into it consider it ground under repair (same for any other fallen tree that is not in a penalty area). Take a drop at the nearest point of relief  plus one club length no closer to the hole. 

Second rule concerns lost balls. If you lose a ball or you find it but it's out of bounds, instead of going back to the tee for a stroke and distance penalty, you may drop the ball in the fairway at an estimated point where you think your ball was lost or crossed the boundary, take two clubs and drop with an added penalty of two strokes. So if your tee shot is lost and you employ this method, you will be hitting your fourth shot. Of course, it's an option. You can go back to tee and hit again for a one stroke penalty. The NCGA started using this method in 2019 as a way to improve pace of play. Feel free to use this an option. Not that any of us are going to hit a ball out of bounds. 

I'll see you all in two weeks!



Matt Quinn

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