Officers - 2014

   Gary Gehrts
  Ph: 916-
Vice President:
  Jay Elf
  Ph: 916-257-3850
   Rick Walker
   Ph: 916-698-0214

  Tournament Chairman:

   Matt Quinn
   Ph: 916-778-8543

NCGA Handicap Chairman:

  Andy Clark
  Ph: 916-987-1709


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We managed to get in our Holiday Bottle Tournament. I couldn't play this time so thanks to Gary and Andy for determining the winners and distributing the prizes, thank you to Ed Kopfle for buying the prizes, and thanks to rest of the club for thinking of me and especially to Jay Elf for bringing me a 6-pack of beer to my house. I had a house full of 24, 8 to 10 year old girls for my twin daughters birthday party. That beer was much needed after that party was over.

I heard some feedback that guys wanted to try to play the 2-man No scotch tournament that was cancelled on November 22. I went to the course today and it looks like I can reserve some tee times for December 27th to play this tournament. I'm hoping we could get between 20-30 guys to play. I know it's right after Christmas but if you are around and want to play, let me know. If you have family visiting you, you can bring them out to join you. We could also start later when it's hopefully a little warmer. I didn't ask the course to block out the times so we could reserve around 9:00. Let me know if you are interested.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for a great year! Enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.